Dirt Chip

The site is set-up as a supplement to Jublintan65 to report on Group Golfing for the batch of MCKK Class of 69 (65-69/71).

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I renamed our JI65 Golf Team: "Dirt Chip"

Sorry Mok and all the rest, I feel that for now we should name our JI65 Golf Team: "Dirt Chip".

Its not that we are worthless as it may sound. But rather I feel the name reflects us as a joyful bunch of men, who are having fun in this game of golf. We have always treated our participation as being more important than winning, for the camaraderie and friendship.

Although the name pokes fun of the game and not so much the seriousness. But then with the easing of mind, we can enjoy it more. And having that comfort and frame of mind, maybe we can start winning a few games.


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